Slackline Park in Mühlbach am Hochkönig

Slackline park at the Arthurhaus

Slacklining is a trendy sport, similar to tightrope walking, where you balance on an inflatable band stretched between two posts. Slacklining requires a mix of balance, concentration and coordination. It is very good as training for climbing, skiing, horseback riding and in other sports that require a good sense of balance.

The LIVINGROOM Slacklinepark is the first freely accessible park in Salzburg, with permanently stretched lines. Here, in addition to easylines with balancing aids, jumplines and longlines, the unique Bergaufline also awaits! To complete the living room feeling, there are cozy benches everywhere and alpine snacks in the alpine dairy Schweizerhütte next door.


  • Bridge line 12m with railing – Easy
  • Longline 30m – Pro
  • Shortline 10m with holding rope – Easy
  • Uphill line 17m – Pro
  • Shortline 9m with holding rope – Easy
  • Trick line 14m – Advanced
  • Shortline 6m – Easy
  • Jumpline 8m – Advanced
  • Jumpline 9m -Advanced