Snowshoeing at the mountain hotel Arthurhaus on the Hochkönig


Admire nature, breathe clear winter air and enjoy silence – our snowshoe hikes will take you to a magical world of snow and ice!

Due to the ideal location between Hochkeil and the Almond Walls, the Berghotel Arthurhaus is the perfect starting point for your snowshoe hike on the Hochkönig.

Nature shows a different side, bizarre snow crystals glisten in the sun, illuminated the peaks of the Mandlwände rise into the winter sky.

Light-footed and comfortable, we hike through the winter landscape!

Light-footed we hike through the snowy winter landscape at the Hochkönig and find relaxation in the silence of nature – the thoughts of everyday life become quiet. Anyone who has experienced the magic of a snowy winter landscape knows that snowshoeing is much more than trudging cross-country through the snow.

Snowshoeing: Fun and ideal for your health!

  • The fat burning is boosted
  • Promotes the immune system and stress reduction
  • Positive effect on the cardiovascular system
  • Ideal for vein problems
  • Balm for the soul

The best ingredients – Spicy mountain air and fresh snow

It is the lonely silence of the freshly snow-covered winter forest. It’s the way you make the first track through the pristine snow. It is the satisfaction of reaching set goals with one’s own strength – be it a distant peak or a hill in the surroundings – goals and moments that remain hidden from others.

Winterland is waiting for your discovery!

Peter also has a few surprises in store. The tire slide or the torchlight hike, you should not miss in any case.