Learn the most beautiful winter sports at the Arthurhaus

Easily learn the most beautiful winter sports

The ideal terrain at the Arthurhaus and the experienced ski instructors of the first ski school in Salzburger Land make your winter vacation perfect.

The Mühlbach Ski School was founded in 1928 by Peter’s great-grandfather as the first ski school in the province of Salzburg.

More than 25 ski and snowboard instructors, highly trained and enthusiastic, will bring you closer to the experience of winter sports – from classic skiing and cross-country skiing to snowboarding and trendy snow biking. They know the most magnificent slopes and will guide you to the rarest ski huts.

Learn to ski – easy and sociable

Pleasure skiing

With the right equipment, the expertise of our experienced ski instructors, we will show you how to ski as economically as possible, with little effort for maximum success! Of course with satisfaction guarantee. For more information on course start times and duration, please contact us.

Carving for everyone
The first successes can be achieved through a special exercise structure. If you are athletic and dynamic, have a well-developed basic technique and have plenty of strength and endurance, nothing stands in the way of an enjoyable cutting of the curves (carving) in flat to medium steep terrain.

Welcome to the master level
Countless snow and terrain types are waiting for you. Fun carving, race carving, racing or formation skiing are just as much a choice as “New School”. In the backcountry we will take you to steep slopes, moguls or deep snow, with appropriate training and the safety check.

Fancy something out of the ordinary?

Surely there is also the right thing for you:

  • Ski guiding – ski safari
    Specialists with local knowledge will show you our ski area from the most beautiful side. We are also happy to guide you through all other ski areas of your choice.deep snow lessons. We make you a powder pro. Throw your skepticism overboard and experience the feeling of weightless gliding through powder snow on the most beautiful deep snow slopes at the foot of the Hochkönig.
  • Off-road and mogul courses
    Anyone can learn to handle the moguls. Experience new challenges and movement experiences under the expert guidance of our ski instructors.

Get intense experiences in your vacation

  • Experience the dream of untouched nature and climb your peak. The sporting challenge for individualists and top experts.
  • Giant slalom courses
    The latest training theory and racing technique, make you a racer. Video analysis is used to document your progress.
  • Company, club ski race
    We organize and host your ski race. From parallel slalom to a classic giant slalom and individual scoring modes. 3…2…1…Go!